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Freight Tiger Introduction

Freight Tiger Integrates, Manages and Analyzes end-to-end Logistics Transactions. FT platform connects everyone in the supply chain and gives visibility and insight on every operation in the workflow.

Bird's Eye View of Freight Tiger Solution

Overview of Freight Tiger Products

FT Fulfil

  • Vehicle placement simplified

  • Indent coupled with spot/real time bidding.

  • OTIF at transparent and competitive cost.

  • Order clubbing and auto-allocation business rules you can customise.

FT Trace

  • Your freight at your fingertips

  • Complete trip visibility without additional infrastructure. Track all market trucks without GPS.

  • Inbound and outbound trips.

  • Integrate with ERPs, telecom service providers, telematics services, CRM as well as GPS providers.

FT Control

  • Get complete visibility of your logistics journey from

  • indents to payments.

  • End to end visibility

  • Cockpit view of your entire journey management events

FT Insights

  • Analytics that helps you make smarter decisions

  • Actionable dashboards across all operations to help reduce costs and improve OTIF.

  • Ability to slice and dice data by plant, customer, transport companies, route etc.

  • Compare and assess branch level performance using historical data.

FT Boost

  • Fuel your freight finances

  • Transport companies can get credit at trip creation or at ePOD or invoice generation.

  • Shippers can avail financing to pay their transport companies